Judith Ceja

Find a Literary Agent?– By Judith Ceja – Tips For Finding a Literary Agent

Social Networking for Authors?– By Judith Ceja – Seven Rules To Promote Your Book Using Social Networking

Six Mistakes for Authors to Avoid?– By Judith Ceja – Six Mistakes to Avoid when Creating a Website


Linda Adams – Fiction Fundamentals Columnist

Formatting Your Manuscript?– You’ve just finished your novel and are ready to submit it. But before you do, take advantage of an overlooked marketing tool: Manuscript format.

Clichés and how to avoid them?– A cliché, in its strictest definition, is a timeworn phrase like “a stitch in time saves nine.” So how do you avoid action clichés in your own writing?

Can Someone Steal My Idea??– One of the very first questions a beginning writer wonders is if someone can steal their idea.

Why do I Need a Sample Copy??– If you look at magazine guidelines, you’ll see they offer sample copies of an issue. Many, in fact, specifically ask writers to purchase a copy before submitting anything. But is it worth the expense?

First Person vs. Third Person?– Many writers have their own preferences of whether they write in first person or third person. Often writers tend to gravitate to what they are either familiar or comfortable with, and they never experiment outside of this comfort zone. But maybe you should.

John Ravenscroft

Ideas in the Mist?– John Ravenscroft continues to chart the progress of his first novel.

A Novel Idea?– Our new fiction columnist devotes his first series of columns to recording the highs and lows of his ongoing struggle to move from initial thoughts to completed book as he attempts to write his first novel. Other columns in the series include:?Ideas in the Mist?–?The Charged Image,?Bewitched by the Things She Carries,?Writing Sexy: Fae and Peter Get Close and Personal?and?A Tortoise Amongst Hares.


Christina L. Johnson

The Market Place?– Places to sell your poetry. In the first issue our markets columnist, Christina L. Johnson, will be covering poetry magazines from New Zealand, Australia, United States, Canada, and England. Also visit?Poetry Corner?for news and information.

The Market Place:?Christina Johnson finds more places to sell your poetry.

The Market Place:?Even more places to sell your poetry! A regular column by Christina L. Johnson.

Lee Masterson

Plotting your Novel

Editing Made Easy

10 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

Writing the Perfect Query Letter

Writing Dazzling Dialogue

The Secret Formula for Writing a Best-Selling Novel

Rusty Fischer

Favorite Freelance Writing Web Sites

Wired Words for a Wired World?– Freelancing on the Information Superhighway. Rusty Fischer, the author of Freedom to Freelance, reveals how to get the most out of a simple email to an editor.

Pamela Thibodeaux

The Writer’s Conference?– why all writers should attend writer’s conferences.

Battle on the New Frontier?– Print vs. Web…why must it be a battle?

Feeding the Dream?To Finish or Not??– Is it REALLY an Option?


Success?– Fact or Fantasy?

I’m So Frustrated I Could Weep!?– the role of editing in the writing process.

How Do You Get There??– how to get through those difficult scenes or chapters in her column.

Shane DeRolf

Confessions of a Creative Professional


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