David E. Hilton?– Author of Kings of Colorado.

Doug Lyle?– Author of Forensics for Dummies and Stress Fracture.

Eddie Aucoin?– Author of Live The Dream: Get Paid to Play Baseball.

Pen Densham?– Author of Riding The Alligator, Strategies for a Career in Screenplay Writing, (and not getting eaten).

Rosetta D. Hoessli?– Co-author of Falling Through Ice published by Crossover Publications LLC.

Michelle Cove?– Author of Seeking Happily Ever After published by Tarcher/Penguin.

Robert Bakke?– Author of Big Wallet, No Pants!

Max Elliot Anderson?– Author of Legend of the White Wolf, part of the Tweener Press Adventure Series.

Terry Burns?– Author of Saint’s Roost by MountainView Publishing.

Michelle Buckman?– Author of Rachel’s Contrition by Chisel & Cross Books.

Simon Marshland?– Author of Dark Destiny published by Virtual Publications.

Lori Soard?– Author of Man of Means published by Hard Shell Word Factory.

Steve Lazarowitz?– Author of A Creative Edge: Tales of Speculation, which was a finalist for Best E-published Anthology, at the Eppies. He also has a regular column in the Epic newsletter.

Maureen McMahon?– Author of Shadows in the Mist.

Laraine Anne Barker?– Author of The Obsidian Quest, available now at CrossroadsPub,?

Michael LaRocca?– Michael LaRocca is an American living in Hong Kong. He is an editor for, and published author of four fiction books. He has recently published his first novel, Vigilante Justice.

Terry Sheils?– Butterfly House has won both the EPPIE (EPIC) and IPPY (Independent Publishers’ Book) Awards for 2001.

Judith Colombo, Night Crimes is Judith Colombo’s second published novel. Her first, The Fablesinger, was published in 1989 by The Crossing Press. She is currently working on a new novel.

Juliet Waldron?author of Mozart’s Wife, published by Online Originals. Fiction Winner–First Independent e-Book Awards.

Alex Domokos, author of Prometheus, published by

Brian Wallace, author of Labyrinth of Chaos, published by New Falcon Publications.

Joyce & Jim Lavene, authors of Still the One. They have been nominated for the Frankfurt Book Award for their Ennoble romance, Flowers in the Night from Awe-Struck Books.

Dr Bob Rich, author of Sleeper Awaker, a science fiction novel, winner of the EPPIE 2001 SF Award. Published by Clock Tower Books.

Patricia Crossley, author of Beloved Stranger, a paranormal romance novel, available January 2001 from

Celia Ann Leaman, author of Mary’s Child, published by awe-struck books.

Cindy Appel, author of The Fixer-Uppers, soon to be released by Wings ePress.

E. L. Noel?is the author of The Threshing Floor epublished by, which won the 2001 EPPIE Award for Best Historical Novel. A print version will soon be available from?The Fiction Works.

Cindy Vallar?is the author of The Scottish Thistle published by Pulsar Books in January 2001.

Jeff Strand?is the author of four electronically published novels, including ‘Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary)’ and ‘Single White Psychopath Seeks Same’ published by Wordbeams.

Tonya Ramagos?– Author of teen romances and mysteries for adults, including “The Feud”, (now a teen series), and “Obstacles of Love”, and The Lindsey Dyson Mystery Series.

Bryn Pearson?– author of ‘Dreams of Colour’ available in the collection ‘Masks and Guises’.

Jennifer Leese?is a book reviewer (A Story Weaver’s Book Reviews), a volunteer judge for the EPIC EPPIE Awards and a finalist in the children’s e-book category for her book, ‘Sounds I Hear’, which is published by Wordbeams.

Charlee Compo?is a multi-published speculative fiction author and was written up in Writer’s Digest’s Publishing Success magazine.She has been nominated for a RIO Award and the 2000 Inscriptions Engraver Awards this year in the category of favourite eBook author.

Denise Gasta?– Author of ‘Danny’, the ‘Monarch Kingdom’ and ‘Butterfly Garden’ published by Writer’s Exchange E-Publishing. Denise and her husband, Greg, are currently developing their own e-publishing business.

Cassyashton Porter?– Author of ‘Colin’s Eagle’ published by Writer’s Exchange E-Publishing.

Grace McKeever?is the author of a ‘Mile to Go’ – A Byte^Me Book from Awe-Struck and ‘Dancing in the Dark’ soon to be released by Awe-Struck E-Books.

Sandy Cummins?is the Editor of Writers Exchange?, the Senior Editor of Writers Exchange E-Publishing? she has her own book review site at? She is a freelance writer specialising in reviews, Christianity and homeschooling.

Valerie Hardin?is a print published gothic poet, as well as an artist and a children’s ebook writer. Her e-book ‘I’m with my Mom on Sunday’ is available from?

Rusty Fischer?is the author of FREEDOM TO FREELANCE: The Editor of The Buzz On Series Reveals How To FIND, GET and KEEP Your Next Freelance Job, available for sale as an eBook from?

Shauna Skye?– website:?


Linda Aksomitis?is the children’s acquisitions editor for Electric eBook publishing, author of ‘Tales of a Traveling Saleslady’ and eight books for children, one out and the others ‘soon-to-be released’.

Rick Frishman?is the president of Planned Television Arts, one of the top publicity firms in the book publishing industry. He is co-author of ‘Guerrilla Marketing for Writers’, which has been reviewed on this site. See?reviews.

Paul Clayton?is the author of ‘Calling Crow,’ “Flight of theCrow” and ‘Calling Crow Nation.’ Electric eBook Publishing ( will bereleasing his newest book, ‘Carl Melcher Goes To Vietnam,’ in April, 2001.This will be Paul Clayton’s first exclusively e-published novel.

Shari Gerson?is a new children’s e-book author. Her novel ‘Home is NeverFar Away’ has been published by Athina Publishing.

We will be interviewing published authors, editors and publishers and anyone else we can find who can shed some light on the in and outs of publishing in today’s market. If you are a published writer, editor or publisher and would like to contribute an interview please

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