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Tears in the Fence?– Tears in the Fence is published three times per year. It is an A5 book of 128 pages of poetry, fiction, translations, essays and reviews. Payment is by complimentary copies. Guidelines: Poetry any length, Fiction up to 40,000 words, although ideally less, Criticism from 2,000 word reviews to 30,000 word essays on neglected major authors. Editorial and subscription address is David Caddy. 38 Hod View, Stourpaine, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 8TN.

Cutting Teeth Literature Magazine
‘Cutting Teeth’ is a magazine of new writing by a mixture of well established and previously unpublished writers. Cutting Teeth The Arts and Cultural Development Office, 17A Castlemilk Arcade, Glasgow, G45 9AA.

Dazed and Confused
A London based music and fashion ezine with content that changes monthly. Provides reviews of all the new releases coming from the UK.

Exile – A Poetry Magazine For New Poets. We welcome new poetry in English on any subject. Because of size constraints, we suggest a limit of 30 – 40 lines per poem. Please send SAE, and write your name and address clearly on each poem. No fee is payable, but contributors are entitled to one free copy of Exile. Copyright reverts to the poet.

The E-ZineZ site is dedicated to providing you with information to produce and publish an Internet E-mail Newsletter.

British Science Fiction Association. The BSFA publish 14 magazines per year, over six bi-monthly mailings. Includes, Matrix the BSFA newsletter magazine, and Vector, the critical and reviews journal of the BFSA. Two mailings also include Focus, the BSFA writers’ magazine.

An independent review of politics and the arts for Ireland. Fortnight Publications Ltd 81 Botanic Avenue, Belfast, BT7 1JL. Tel. (028)90232353 or (028)90-311337 Fax. (028)90232650

ForeWord Magazine
Reviews of good books independently published.

Freelance Online
Jobs, message boards, a searchable directory of over 700 freelancers, frequently asked questions, resources, and networking for today’s freelance professional.

Freelance Success

The Long Poem Group Newsletter
This Long Poem Group Newsletter was put up on the Internet for Acumen Publications.

Modern Poetry in Translation
MPT was founded by Daniel Weissbort and Ted Hughes in 1966 and is a journal with an international reputation for the wide range of poets and translators that it presents and for serious and lively discussion of the art of translating poetry.

Moscow Times
The Moscow Times, Independent Press’ flagship edition, was launched in March 1992 as a twice-weekly, and relaunched in October 1992 as a daily.

Monas Hieroglyphica
The Monas Press publishes a number of products which aim to be of interest to a large number of people. It is looking for submissions of quality to make each issue better than the last. Monas Hieroglyphica was founded in 1994 and is looking for articles on: Magick, Paganism, Literature, Horror, History & Archaeology.

Mother Jones
Mother Jones isn’t just a magazine, it’s a many-faceted media organization. The non-profit Foundation for National Progress, which has been publishing Mother Jones magazine since 1976, now also produces this Web site.

National Enquirer
‘Be the first to know the story behind the story!’

National Geographic
Links and resources on global issues.

Netsurfer Publishing
Netsurfer is now charging a subscription to access some its pages.
The best site for freelancers, freelance proofreading and freelance copyediting courses.

Forbes Magazine
Home Page for the World’s Business Leaders.
An eclectic collection of poetry from the traditional to the avant-garde, haiku to long poems, including translations. A collage of writing that consistently surprises.

Archaeology, folklore and myth.

Asian American Writers’ Workshop
Includes publications, Arts-in-Education, and Booksellers.

Ansible is Dave Langford’s notorious British sf/fan newsletter, published since 1979.

Aeropagus Magazine
Founded in 1990, Areopagus Magazine is a special-interest publication for Christian writers.

Back Brain Recluse
Back Brain Recluse publishes some of the most startling and daring SF currently being written, and has developed a cult following around the world through a policy of emphasizing the experimental and uncommercial end of the form. Please note that BBR is fully booked until well into 2003, and that as a result we are currently closed to all unsolicited submissions.

The Edge
The Edge is interested in fiction, features and reviews by writers from anywhere in the world. Please address to Graham Evans at the address above. We reply to all submissions that arrive with appropriate return postage or an email address within 3 weeks of receipt (usually within one week). We do not read submissions sent by email.


Edible Society
Poetry, shorts stories, art.

Nerd World Media?Listings of electronic magazines.

EPIC, The Electronically Published Internet Connection

Beat Scene
The Magazine of the Beat Generation. In the UK we are at 27 Court Leet, Binley Woods, Near Coventry, Warwickshire CV3 2JQ. Single copy is £4.50 payable to M.Ring If you are in the USA write to Derrick Hsu at PO Box 105, Cabin John, Maryland 20818. Making payment of$ 8 out to D.Hsu.

A magazine of poetry, short stories and fine line art. Submissions and suggestions are always welcome. It is important to include an SAE with all work as no reply can be made without one . BRAQUEMARD has no style limitations – sonnets, villanelles, haiku etc. as well as free verse have all found a place. Politics, religion, ecology and political correctness are avoided as a general rule.

Growing Edge Magazine
We focus on hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, greenhouses, and other innovative growing techniques.

Harper’s Magazine
Harper’s Magazine will neither consider nor return unsolicited nonfiction manuscripts that have not been preceded by a written query. Harper’s will consider unsolicited fiction. Unsolicited poetry will not be considered or returned. No queries or manuscripts will be considered unless they are accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. All submissions and written queries must be sent by mail to: Harper’s Magazine, 666 Broadway, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10012

Published twice a year in book-form, contents include incisive and entertaining essays on such diverse topics as films & filmmakers, religious manias, fanaticism, weird crime cases, sex queens, curious music, strange art, stranger artists, pornography, trash, reviews and sleaze.

Hjokfinnies Sanglines
Scotland’s online magazine for arts, technologies, current affairs.

Britian’s leading science fiction and fantasy magazine. We are looking for innovative, entertaining, well-written and up-to-date science fiction and fantasy. Our address is: Interzone, 217 Preston Drove, Brighton BN1 6FL, UK. Read their guidelines before submitting.

Internet Epicurean
An online magazine for food and wine lovers.

Jewish Heritage Online Magazine
Jewish Heritage Online Magazine ( is a web monthly devoted to Jewish text study, culture and heritage.

The Journal of Silly Professional cartoons
Cartoon Art Magazine. For your preview copy of THE JOURNAL OF SILLY just send 2 FIRST CLASS STAMPS to: P O BOX 22903, LONDON N10 2WW

London Review of Books
The London Review of Books has been dedicated to carrying on the tradition of the English essay.

The New Writer
We are interested in receiving forward-looking articles on all aspects of the written word that demonstrate the writer’s grasp of contemporary writing and current editorial/publishing policies. This may include interviews and personality profiles but we are not looking for introspective pieces on ‘Why I Write…’ or how to come to terms with writer’s block and the rejection slip, biographies or opinion pieces. Articles should be 500-1,000 words although features up to 2,000 words and mini-series would be considered if the idea is submitted initially by letter giving a brief outline.

New Writing Scotland
The Association for Scottish Literary Studies aims to promote the study, teaching and writing of Scottish literature, and to further the study of the languages of Scotland.

Survivors’ Poetry Scotland publishes writing from the edge. Poems and prose by people who feel excluded from society – excluded by mental health, physical disability, addictions or abuse.

Novel Advice
Devoted totally to the craft of writing! All essays, articles, interviews, etc., must be connected to the craft of writing, including fiction of all genres (mainstream, mystery, romance, horror. . .) and creative nonfiction. NovelAdvice is interested in both one-time and monthly submissions.

Submit poetry online. Member profiles. Links, etc.

Old Yorkshire
Local and family history magazine based in Yorkshire.

OneWorld Magazine
OneWorld Magazine is a free electronic publication on the Internet, that focuses on environmental, cultural, and exploration issues around the world. Its stories, articles and promotional content aim to entertain and educate the reader with powerful words and forceful images about the diverse aspects of our world’s cultures and environments.

Other Poetry
A magazine dedicated to good poetry in all its forms.

Outcry Magazine
Media and book review magazine.

Parabola Magazine
The Society for the Study of Myth and Tradition.

The arts and Western culture from a Buddhist perspective.

A fanzine dedicated to scifi, fantasy and horror fiction, and artwork.

Voice and Verse
The Association of Small Press Poets.

Travel magazine. We only rarely accept unsolicited material. Realistically you have a one in 800 chance of a manuscript or photograph being accepted. Please read our guidelines for contributors below carefully and note that we do not accept enquiries or proposals by telephone or email. Nor do we respond to postal contributions unless a SAE (self-addressed envelope) or IRC is enclosed.

Writer’s Weekly
Freelance writing magazine.
Tips and interviews.

Peeping Tom
Horror and dark fantasy – Send your stories to: David Bell, editor, Yew Tree House, 15 Nottingham Road, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 1DJ, England

Online Literary Magazine. Online submissions.

The Welsh Internationalist. Send query letter in the first instance.

The Poetry Kit
Poetry resources.

Poetry Life
Britain’s sharpest national poetry magazine.

Poetry London
Poems, reviews and features. Submit poems to: Poetry Editor, Poetry London, 26 Clacton Road, LONDON E17 8AR.

Poetry Monthly
Poetry, comment, reviews, articles.

Poetry Now Magazine
Online submission.

Poetry Review
The Poetry Society magazine.

Poetry UK Newsletter
Newsletter, links, and competition news.

Poets Writers Online
Poet and writers magazine.

Haiku magazine. Poetry submissions welcome.

Showcases new writing. From UEA. Original short fiction (max length 6,000 words), poetry (max 5 poems) essays on writers or on writing (please submit ideas/synopses to the editors in the first instance).

Project Muse
Scholarly journals online.

Quality Women’s Fiction. Writers who do not subscribe to QWF must attach a submissions form with each story they submit to the magazine. One form can be obtained by purchasing the latest issue of QWF at a cost of £3.95 (£4 Eur/ £5 RoW). This ensures that everyone who submits has read a copy of QWF and knows the kind of material we publish.

Red Lamp
A journal of realist, socialist and humanitarian poetry.

Publishes articles that are on the cutting edge of current thinking.

UK experimental music magazine.

Rue Bella
Poems and prose.

Children’s poetry and short stories for children.

Sol Poetry
A poetry magazines, including Maelstrom.

Stand Magazine
Literary Magazine. Submissions: The Editors, Stand Magazine School of English, Leeds University, Leeds LS2 9JT, England. Stand can only consider previously unpublished material, including that sent in by literary agents. Manuscripts should be accompanied by a SASE or, in the case of mss. sent from abroad to the editors at the address above in Leeds, by sufficient International Reply Coupons (IRC) to cover return postage. (Note: These are often only available at larger post offices in the USA.)

Texas Monthly Magazine
Lone Star State magazine.

The Text
Not a magazine rather a collection of new writing.

This Is
Modern literature. Short stories, poetry or work in progress can be sent with an SAE to: PO BOX 16185, WRITING SPACE PUBLICATIONS, LONDON NW1 8ZH, ENGLAND.

Independent Poetry Journal.

Trincoll Journal
Weekly multimedia magazine. The Trincoll Journal accepts submission from anyone.

Webzine that publishes short stories (horror, dark fantasy, speculative fiction), articles, b&w artwork, and small press reviews on a tri-annual basis. Submissions are always welcome, but watch out for deadlines.

Writing And Story Magazines
Creative Nonfiction is the only literary magazine that focuses exclusively on the genre of creative nonfiction. It includes essays, memoirs, profiles, and book reviews, as well as interviews with prominent writers and commentary about the genre.


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