Mission Statement


The World Wide Web has provided an instant distribution service for the writer. It is possible to write, edit, design and publish material on the internet and anyone can have access to it. But although this revolution has helped the writer there is still a tendency for the outside world looking in on developments on the Internet to harp constantly on about quality. If anyone can have their work published on the Internet then where is the editorial control? Writers who do publish work on the Internet, in whatever genre, only have to respond that many e-publishers and editors of ezines are not charities; they are on the Internet to make money and if editorial content is what attracts readers to their sites then quality is of the utmost importance.

There is a vast difference between creating a website on which to put your work and having your book accepted by an e-publisher who offers royalties or having your article accepted by the editor of an ezine who pays for copy. Every writer on the internet can make the distinction between personal websites and e-published work as can every e-publisher, editor and any other person connected to the writing industry. So why should e-publishing have a bad name?

The answer to the last question is not easy. Perhaps it can be put down to fear – fear of change, fear of the new, or even fear of technology. For the print based publishing industry it means that their grip on the market is being loosened daily; for the writer it means accepting and taking on new challenges. For some writers this is a welcome change, for others it is unacceptable risk: and rather than dip their toes in the water they prefer to turn away from it.

Instead of dismissing the internet out of hand they would be well-advised to accept the new medium for what it is and make room for it, because whatever they say; e-publishing and e-authors and the internet are here to stay.


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