Book Reviews

Fear of Writing: For Writers and Closet Writers:?By Milli Thornton. Nonfiction/Writers/How-To. There simply is no way a writer can read this book without stumbling over a reflection of themselves somewhere in its pages. No way one could come away from it without improving her image of herself as a writer, without some new ideas to write about and without actually doing some writing. Reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson. Contact email:?

My Inner Pilgrimage Journal:?By Christina Rodenbeck (Writer and Editorial Consultant). Nonfiction/Adult/Journaling and Writing. A Journal that Inspires Writers and Others To More Glorious Memories. Reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson. Contact

Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul?– by Susan Harrow – reviewed by Alyice Edrich

How to Publish Your Articles?– by Shirley Kawa-Jump – reviewed by Alyice Edrich.

The Playful Way to Serious Writing?– By Roberta Allen – reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

Bird by Bird?– by Anne Lamott – Causes Riff in Writers’ Ranks. But Carolyn Howard-Johnson says: Writers or wanna be writers should find this a nice, savory little book to be read a little at a time, “bird by bird.”

Women on Writing: From Inspiration to Publication?– reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

Climb your Stairway to Heaven?– reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

A View from the Tub?by Millie Szerman. Streamline Press 2000.

The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing?By Tom and Marilyn Ross. Writer’s Digest Books.


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