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Tabatha Jean D’Agata is pleased to announce the release of newest children’s book “SILENT SAM” from Bebop Books, an imprint of Lee and Low, an award winning multicultural children’s book publisher. “SILENT SAM” is available in both English and Spanish.

Books info:

SILENT SAM by Tabatha Jean D’Agata
illustrated by Geraldo Valerio
ISBN: 1-58430-632-7
Publisher: Bebop Books, an imprint of Lee and Low

Book blurb: Gus has a parrot named Sam. Gus wants to teach Sam to talk. Will Sam ever speak?

Silent Sam may be ordered directly through Lee and Low by calling their toll free number listed on their website which is 1-888-320-3190 ext 23 or if you have any questions or would like to place an individual order, please contact Craig Low at 212-779-4400 ext. 26 or via email at

Author’s Website:

John Ravenscroft’s short story ‘Painting Peter’s Friends’ has won the £600 2nd prize in?The Mathew Prichard Award.

The adjudication took place on Saturday 11th May at The Hill Residential Centre, Abergavenny. Past adjudicators include Penelope Fitzgerald, Bernice Rubens, Sir Michael Caine, Beryl Bainbridge, Colin Dexter, Alexander Cordell, Deborah Moggach , Sue Limb and Elizabeth Buchan (2001).

The adjudicator in 2002 was Jonathan Gash, author of the “Lovejoy” novels.


Catherine Snodgrass is very pleased to announce recognition for the following books: The Quest Gillian’s Heart (an EPPIE 2002 Finalist in Historical Romance ) has finaled in the 2002 National Readers Choice Award and the 2001-2002 Golden Quill Award. The Wishing Tree was also a 2002 EPPIE Finalist for Historical Romance. Seven Rings Binding is a finalist in the Light Paranormal Category of the 2002 PRISM Award. Always Faithful (romantic suspense cowritten with Bryndis Rubin) is a finalist in the 2002 National Readers Choice Award and the 2001-2002 Golden Quill Award.


‘EMAILS FROM THE EDGE’ receives 5 Coffee Cup Review

The Book Review Café has reviewed author Kristie Leigh Maguire’s novel, ‘Emails from the Edge: The Life of an Expatriate Wife’ and awarded it a 5 coffee cup review. Lisa at Book Review Café stated in her review, ‘EMAILS FROM THE EDGE is a truly great piece of work.’ An in-depth interview with Ms. Maguire is also up at the site. The book review and interview can be seen in its entirety at:?

‘Emails from the Edge’ has also been receiving other rave reviews.

Tami Parrington of WOW (Women Writers Online) recently reviewed ‘Emails’. Ms. Parrington said, ‘From the moment you start this story, you feel what it’s like to be the wife of a traveling executive, living in foreign places, the camaraderie built within the close-knit communities of the families stationed in far-away places. You feel the adventure and the fear, but at the same time, the good-times and friendships. This book is a must read for women of all ages. It helps you to remember the true value of friendship and come to the realization that distance is nothing but space between friends.’ Ms. Parrington’s complete review can be read at:?

Mark Haeuser, author of the newly released ‘Hunters of the Shadows’ as well as five other published books is quoted as saying, ”Emails from the Edge’ is a story of friendship. More importantly it is the story of two survivors who face the challenges they are given and with each other’s strength come out on top.’

Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of the award winning novel ‘This Is The Place’ stated, ”E-mails from the Edge’ is a wonderful shared experience that reminds us we are all of one soul. ‘Emails from the Edge’ is a book that connects readers to the author, connects humankind soul to soul. It is a beautiful thought between covers!’

Additional information about the exciting new novel ‘Emails from the Edge’ can be seen at the author’s web site at:

Southern Charm Press will release Ms. Maguire’s first novel in The Marcie Trilogy, ‘Desert Triangle’, in July 2002. The other two novels in this ultra-sensual romance trilogy, ‘Cabin Fever’ and ‘Ring of Fire’, will be released in March 2003 and March 2004.

Ms. Maguire’s also writes short stories for mature audiences. These short stories can be read from her website, Romance Beyond the Kiss at:?

Ms. Maguire is Romance Editor and Reviewer as well as co-columnist for ‘Have You Heard’ at, Staff Reviewer for Bridges Magazine and founder of NUW (Not the Usual Way) Independent Authors Community. She is also a member of the Divas of Romance.


Date: February 11, 2002
Contact: Kristie Leigh Maguire?

Subject: Book Review Café Award for Outstanding Author

Author Kristie Leigh Maguire has been presented the Book Review Café Award for Outstanding Author.

Ms. Maguire is the author of Emails from the Edge (The Life of an Expatriate Wife), Desert Triangle which is scheduled for release in July 2002 by Southern Charm Press, co-author along with Mark Haeuser of No Lady and Her Tramp which is scheduled for release by SCP in Jan 2004, and contributor to Calliope’s Mousepad: Women Writers Online.

Emails from the Edge was the Fiction Pick of the Month (Jan) at the Have You Heard column at Ms. Maguire has donated the e-book version of Emails from the Edge as a permanent selection to the Military Download Library (MDL). The MDL provides books for our troops free of charge.

Ms. Maguire’s also writes short stories. Her short stories can be read from her website, Romance Beyond the Kiss

Ms. Maguire is the Romance Editor/Reviewer and co-columnist for Have You Heard at, Staff Reviewer for Bridges Magazine and founder of the NUW (Not the Usual Way) Independent Authors Community. She is also a member of the Divas of Romance.

The Book Review Café Award for Outstanding Author is on display at Ms. Maguire’s author’s website at:?


Alex Domokos’ autobiography “The Price of Freedom” has recently won a first place Clara Award and is a contender for an Eppie. He has just released a new e-book, entitled “Ten Chocolates From The Box”, with his writing partner, Rita Y. Toews. The e-book is a collection of short Christian stories drawn from their own experiences. More information about Mr. Domokos’ books can be obtained from his homepage?


Ann Herrick’s latest e-books, “Camper Of The Year” and “Shortcut To Romance,” published by?DiskUs Publishing, have both made the Bestseller List at?E-Books for Kids?one of the biggest review sites for kids’ books.

“Camper Of The Year” is also an EPPIE Award Finalist. The EPPIES recognize outstanding achievement in electronic publishing.

More information about all of Ms. Herrick’s books can be found at her home page at?


Lauralee Bliss is a multi-published author of ten inspirational romances. She has had five print books published by Barbour Publishing and five e-books with various e-publishers. Her e-books have won numerous distinctions. BLACKBERRY HOLLOW, e-published by MountainView Publishing, won the 2000 Reviewer’s Choice Award at Scribes World Reviews and was rated one of the Top Books of 2001 by?Inscriptions.

TO LIVE AGAIN, along with placing as a finalist in the EPPIE awards, has achieved four and five star reviews Lauralee’s most recent releases are A ROSE AMONG THORNS (Barbour Publishing) and A SEASON FOR LOVE by?Awe-Struck E publishing. She has also written several articles on e-publishing and e-books.

Lauralee is the founder of?Christian E-Authors?and is a member of American Christian Romance Writers and EPIC. She invites you to visit her website at? She is available for interviews.


Carolyn Howard-Johnson Wins the 2001 Red Sky Writing Competition

Kurt Kleidon and Rose A.O. Kleidon announce the winners of their 2001 Red Sky Writing Competition. A distinguished panel of judges including Ms. Kleidon, Professor Emeritus English at the Universtiy of Akron in Akron, Ohio, selected this story from Carolyn’s soon to be published collection, Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered.

Ms. Kleidon says, “Our anthology, Pass/Fail: 32 stories about teaching, from inspiring to hilarious, is a collection from writers who are or have been teachers and who testify brilliantly to the failures and the triumphs, the despair and the heartwarming rewards that come with one of the world’s most challenging professions, teaching.”

The book of collected stories is for “anyone who has ever been to school.” The big apple on the cover makes it the perfect teacher’s gift. It may be ordered at? Carolyn is also the author of This is the Place, released by AmErica House this year.?

If you would like to send us any news, email:?

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